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Kava tea


At Roots Kava Bar, we serve kava tea as a healthy alternative to alcohol. This drink is originally from the Pacific Islands and has been used for centuries. It’s associated with many health benefits, from relieving stress to boosting your mood and increasing energy. It can also improve your overall sense of well-being. 

You can also use kava to unwind and relieve stress in a social context. It’s a great social lubricant and alternative to alcohol. When you visit our kava bar, you can try several different strains. We also serve mixed tea drinks, and the results are both healthy and delicious. 

We have different kava strains available with slightly different effects. Our staff members are happy to help you choose one that you’ll like. We serve kava in shells, which is the traditional way of drinking it. 

One of the main benefits of kava tea is the lack of a hangover! You can enjoy your free time and relax with a cup of kava without worrying about tiredness and headaches the next day. Visit us today in Port Jefferson, NY! You can stop by for a quick drink or enjoy our social bar environment with friends.

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